There’s a vast choice of online-shops where you can buy hip hop samples for direct download. And as always with music and music related products, different persons will come up with different answers when asked where to buy hip hop samples.

So I’ll give you my subjective answer to that question, totally influenced by my personal tastes and experiences.

Here are my top 3 goto sources for top notch hip hop samples.

1. Loopmasters

Urban Cookbook Vol. 2

Loopmasters is a big one stop shop for about any kind of samples. They offer a big choice of sampled instruments ranging from drums to strings and cover a huge variety of genres. Besides hip hop and various dance music styles, Loopmasters also provide sample packs for sub genres like trap, grime and glitch.

The sheer quantity of sample packs offered by Loopmasters is mind-blowing. You can choose from 113 hip hop sample packs alone by the time of this writing. When you are one of those beat makers who like to spice up their beats with sounds from other genres, your choice at Loopmasters gets even bigger than that.

One of my absolute favourite sample packs in the Loopmasters store is Urban Cookbook Vol. 2 by award winning sound designer Goldbaby. Itcontains more than 3000 (!) high quality samples including all kinds of drums and percussions as well as as synths, basses, vocals, FX and some more. This is a big versatile collection of great, useful hip hop samples.

When you start to build your own sound arsenal I highly recommend to begin with Urban Cookbook Vol. 2. The price of 49 $ may seem like a lot of money for some. But when you consider that you get 3000+ high quality hip hop samples you’ll notice that it’s cheaper than most sample packs on the market.

Although Loopmasters may already cover most of your hip hop sample needs, two labels that I highly appreciate are not in their catalog.


Mike Chav Drum ArsenalLike their name suggests, (also known as The Drum Broker) are deeply linked to hip hop culture. They collaborate with a lot of high class hip hop producers like !llmind, Ski Beatz and Khrysis and have a good collection of artist kits.
 Sample kits start as low as 5 $, artist kits are at 25 $.

My personal favourite from is The Mike Chav Drum Library, a bundle of 8 hip hop sample kits crafted by star engineer Mike Chav. He has learned his early chops by J Dilla and has worked with Eminem, Snoop, and Busta Rhymes to name a few.
You can buy all 8 Kits individually for 24,99 $ each or the complete bundle for 99,99 $.

At you cannot only buy great hip hop samples but also their flash drives in shape of classic drum machines, which have earned cult status in the community. Great gadgets for any gear head and appropriate devices to store beats and samples.

Last but not least have beat making contests going on on a regular basis. First prices range from classic hardware to vocal tracks from high class rappers.

3. The Producers Choice

Ski Beats Iron Fingers

Another provider of top rated hip hop samples is The Producers Choice.

Like The Producers Choice offer some artist kits. On their site you can buy hip hop samples by top beat makers Lex Luger, Pablo Beats or Superstar O.

And The Producers Choice offer the above mentioned Drum Arsenal series by Mike Chav but with a slightly different twist. When you purchase 808 Kick Drum & Boom Samples individually, you get the Industry Standard Drum Library as a bonus, together for 25 $. The complete Mike Chav bundle at The Producers Choice consists of only 5 kits and goes for 50 $. Slightly better price performance ratio here.

One thing that really sticks out at The Producers Choice, apart from the quality of their products, is their 30 day money back guarantee. I haven’t seen anything like that elsewhere in the samples industry. (If you have, post it in the comments section) To be able to test and try your purchase and then decide if you want to keep it is priceless!

So that’s it for today. With Loopmasters, and The Producers Choice you should be able to satisfy your hunger for fresh hip hop sounds for a long time.

Have fun and be creative.

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