Welcome to another Tool4Beats tutorial.

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use the mixer section in BTV Solo, which is the first step towards shaping the sound of your own beats.

Mixer Mode is for Tracks

First it’s important to know that with the mixer section in BTV Solo you can alter the sound of individual tracks. That means all your changes affect all sounds of the selected track. You can also mix individual sounds in BTV Solo which I will be covering in an upcoming tutorial.

Basic Mixing Controls

Open the mixer section by clicking the “Mixer” button. Now you can see the mixer settings for the selected track.

Note that you can change the mixer settings either by dragging the faders in BTV Solo’s display or by dragging the soft knobs right below the display.

How to Use the Mixer Mode in BTV Solo

BTV Solo’s Mixer Mode

Let’s get through the basic (and most obvious) controls first. These are “Volume” and “Pan”:

  • Volume changes the volume of the selected track.
  • Pan  changes the position of the selected track in the stereo field.

Adding Effects

With the “Freak”, “Delay” and “Verb” controls you define how much of each of these effects is added to the selected track.

  • Freak is the most complex of BTV Solo’s effects. In fact Freak is not one but 14 different effects you can choose from.
  • Delay adds echo or some kind of freaky metallic sound depending on your settings.
  • Verb virtually puts your sounds in a room, big or small, depending on your settings.

On the right side of the screen the effects master buttons are located. Click the “Freak”, “Delay” and “Verb” buttons to activate the effects one at a time and listen to what they do.

While the effects are activated play around with the effect controls and listen to how the sound changes.

BTV Solo's Effects Section

BTV Solo’s Effects Buttons

I will show you how to edit the effects in another upcoming tutorial. If you are curious (and you should be) hold the Option key (Mac)/Alt key (PC) and click on an effect button to access the effects edit section.

Filtering a Track

Switch to the second soft buttons page and choose a filter type with the “Filter” knob. Then change the filter’s frequency with the “Freq” control and the filter steepness with the “Q” control.

Quick Tip: You can automate the filter frequency by moving the “Mod” control while BTV Solo is in record mode.

BTV Solo Filter

BTV Solo’s Filter

In case you are interested in learning about different filter types I recommend reading this article from SOS magazine.


I hope this tutorial has helped you gain an understanding of BTV Solo’s mixer mode. By playing around with different settings you will soon begin to develop your own unique sound.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post them in the comments section or contact me via the contact form. In either case I will be more than happy to help.

Keep pushing forward, have fun and be creative.


For more information on BTV Solo go to www.btvsolo.com
For video tutorials on BTV and Beat Thang go to www.learnbeatthang.com
Read the BTV user manual

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