In a recent tutorial you learned how to make a beat in BTV Solo. But to shape your beats to your flavor it’s necessary to know how to delete notes in BTV Solo. In this tutorial you’re going to learn three ways to do this.

1. Undo

The first way may be obvious. Hit the “Undo” button to delete the notes you just recorded. Like in many other programs you can also use the short cut “Command”+”Z” on a Mac or “Control”+”Z” on a PC.

BTV Solo Undo

2. Delete All Notes of a Track

Click on the track indicator on the upper left of BTV Solo’s display, so that the track number is surrounded by a white border. Then select a track by clicking a track selector button.

BTV Solo Delete Track

Click the delete button. Now you are asked if you are “sure you want to delete the track data?” You can choose between “All”, “Control” and “Notes”.

“All” deletes notes and control data of the selected track.

“Control” deletes the control data (Pitch and Mod) and leaves the notes.

“Notes” deletes the notes and leaves the control data.

BTV Solo Delete Track Data

3. Delete Notes of a Selected Drum Pad

To delete all notes of a single drum pad hold down “Control” (Mac) or “Shift”+”Control” (PC) and click the drum pad.
To delete single notes of a drum pad: While the pattern is playing hold down “Control” (Mac) or “Shift”+”Control” (PC) and click/hold the drum pad while the notes you want to delete are playing.

I hope this tutorial has helped you to delete notes in BTV Solo and shape your beats.

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Have fun, be creative and stay curious.


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