Beat making can be a very rewarding experience in many senses. It’s fun to play around with sounds and creating your first beats. When you move on and realize you are getting better your self confidence increases. Then you play your music to your friends to see their reactions. You upload your music to Soundcloud and YouTube and get positive comments from people you don’t even know. And you keep creating, giving your creative mind what it wants. You’re getting your ideas out in the world instead of letting them pop up in your mind and then forget them. You will connect with like minded people, inspiring each other, collaborating. When you keep sticking at it and learn how to sell beats, you will at some point even be able to earn some money with your music. And when you connect with more people, learn even more about music marketing and beat selling while still getting better in beat making, you may be able to earn an even bigger amount of money, doing what you love. It can go on and on…

But first you have to begin. And you will need the right tool. I want to help you find the right tool. A good beat maker software that is easy to use and comes with good sounds. And I want to help you identify the bad tools and the scams, that can handle only low quality sounds and promise you hit records out of the box.

Here is 5 things you must know to seperate good from bad sof:

1. No online only software

You must be able to install the software on your computer. You don’t want to be dependent on internet connections and server speed. It can be very frustrating to get your creative flow interrupted because the music you’re just creating doesn’t play properly.

2. CD Quality is a must

A beat maker software must be able to work with WAV files in CD quality (44.1 kHz, 16 Bit) or higher. You must work with good source material to get a good result. Some beatmakers work with MP3 sounds only. Trying to get decent sounding beats with these beat makers, is like trying to cook a great meal with shabby ingredients.

3. Ease of use

Any software you work with frequently must be easy to use. This is even more important when you are working creatively. When an idea hits your mind, you must be able to get it into the software immediatlely or it may be gone forever.

4. Can the software expand as you move on?

When you get better and want to take your game to the next step, you will probably expand to a big name DAW like Cubase or Logic. At that moment it would be great to be able to use your beat maker software within your DAW, e.g. as a plug in.

5. Beware of false promises

Some manufacturers suggest that you can get rich and famous simply by buying and using their software. They claim to have cracked a code for creating hit records in no time. Don’t get fooled by such B.S. No software in the world will make you rich and famous. The only way to get rich and famous still is lots of hard work, lots of discipline, lots of talent, networking like crazy and beeing prepared that it will take many, many years, and you will get lots of setbacks.

Take one step after another. Get into the beat making game with good beat maker software and start creating beats.


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