If you plan to start making beats and have researched cheap entry level beat maker software, chances are you have come across Sonic Producer 2.0. It’s a pretty successful software but it’s discussed very controversal in the beat making community. I wanted to find out for myself if it’s worth your time and money and purchased the software. In this Sonic Producer 2.0 review I reveal my experiences with the software.

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1. The Purchase

The only place Sonic Producer can be purchased is the Sonic Producer website. The billing process is straight forward and you can choose from paying with credit card, direct debit or PayPal.

Right after the purchase you get an email with your username and password with which you can log in the members area. This is where the Sonic Producer software and videos are located.

2. First impression

Sonic Producer 2.0 User Interface

Sonic Producer 2.0

The only way to run Sonic Poducer 2.0 is online in a browser. It cannot be installed

on a computer.

On the upside working online prevents software and projects from getting lost in case of hard disk crashes, viruses and the like. The downside however is that the performance of the software always depends on the speed of your internet connection.

In case of Sonic Producer this can result in timing issues, making your beats sound like they stumble. Fortunately this only occurs while working on the beats. After rendering them to MP3 or WAV, they play tight like they should.

3. Ease of use

Sonic Producer 2.0 is VERY easy to use. The user interface is straight forward, but not totally self explaining. I recommend watching the first instructional video and/or reading the three pages short, easy to understand manual, before beginning to make your first beats.

4. Creative options

There are not a lot of creative options on offer. The only thing you can do with Sonic Producer 2.0 is loading sounds, creating beats with them and changing levels of the channels. On the upside this keeps your focus on the production of beats instead of getting distracted by a confusing amount of tools and complex sound shaping and arrangement options.

The downside however is that Sonic Producer 2.0 is so short of tools that even basic editing features like copy and paste are missing. This means if you have created a loop and want to repeat it in your arrangement, you have to recreate it manually. This doesn’t spark motivation for doing arrangements longer than two bars.

5. The sounds

Sonic Producer sound browser

The sound browser in Sonic Producer 2.0, where you can prelisten and load sounds.

Previewing and loading sounds is easy: When you click on the sample load button in a track a pop up window with a browser opens up. Here you can preview and load the sounds.

The sounds are in 44.1kHz 16Bit and the selection is versatile and useful. The sounds are well organized in instruments and genres, what makes it easy to find specific sounds.

Unfortunately you cannot import your own sounds, which from my point of view is a huge restriction. Although you can get along with the 1200+ samples in Sonic Producer 2.0 for a few weeks or months (depending on your productivity), I wouldn’t want to miss the ability to import my own sounds or third party samples for greater versatility and fresh inspiration.

 6. Tutorials and support

The tutorial videos are clear and very easy to understand. Unfortunately a big part of the videos is not directly related to Sonic Producer but only to beat making in general. While there’s nothing wrong with those videos, I would have preferred more videos on making beats with Sonic Producer 2.0.

Customer support is via email. When I sent an email with a question I got a helpful and friendly reply the same day.

 7. Conclusion

With a price of 34.99 $ Sonic Producer 2.0 is one of the cheapest beat maker programs on the market. It’s made for beginners, it is very easy to use and comes with a diverse collection of useful sounds.

The feature set is very limited which keeps total newbie’s from getting confused and distracted. But the Sonic Producer people should at least add copy and paste functionality, to make looping as easy as it should be.

Another feature I would like to see in a future upgrade is the import of your own or third party samples.

The instructional videos are easy to understand and well structured but more videos directly related to Sonic Producer 2.0 would be good.

 8. Should you make the purchase?

If you are looking for a cheap, easy to use beat making software to check out if beat making is something for you, you can give Sonic Producer 2.0 a try.

But consider that for a few more bucks you can get beat making software with more features, bigger creative potential and a more fluid workflow.


  • Ease of use
  • Tutorials and manual easy to understand
  • Online only operation
  • No copy and paste
  • No import of sounds
  • $ 34.99


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