There are several situations when you don’t want or need the complexity of a big DAW, but just something like a simple beat making software.
In this article, we’ll discuss some of these.

1. Beginners

Simple Beat Making Software - BTV Solo

BTV Solo is a simple but powerful beat making software.

Obviously it makes a lot of sense for someone starting out in digital music production, to have a tool with a straight forward user interface, a┬álimited set of features and a bunch of good sounding samples. The many options and menus in big DAWs like Pro Tools, Cubase or Ableton Live can be totally overwhelming for a beginner and can easily lead to frustration instead of the excitement of listening to your first own beat. Like with everything you’re new to, you need quick results that keep you motivated and on track.

A set of good sounds is also important for a beginner, because you don’t want to lose time and excitement searching the net for samples. There is lots of them out there but it can be very time consuming to find those good ones that you can use straight away with no further treatment.

2. Intermediate and professional users

Even as a semi pro or pro who knows his big DAW in and out, you sometimes want a streamlined tool which allows you to get your ideas out as quick as they come to your mind. There is nothing more frustrating than losing an idea because it took just that moment too long to set up the session and load your instruments. You’ll never know how much that particular idea could have been worth. But you know for sure that it’s gone and in 99% it will never come back.

Another important point for Pros to change from their Pro Tools or Cubase to a simpler tool from time to time is it can give them new inspiration.
While working in the same environment every day, using the same soft- and hardware, following a particular workflow makes you get things done fast, it can get very monotonous. You sometimes need to play around with a new toy that tickles the idea plant in your head, that keeps you excited and your fire burning.

Most beat making software comes with a bunch of decent sounds that are ready to use out of the box. Pros need new high quality sounds on a regular basis. Some use them as they are, some process and shape them to their own flavor to make them fit to their very own sound. The samples that come with some of those beat making programs alone are often worth the price of the whole package.


Most of the simpler beat makers are aimed for beginners, giving them the ease of use and the sounds to get them in the beat making game quickly. But also semi professional and professional producers sometimes need simple tools and new sounds to play around with to get a fresh breeze of inspiration that keeps them from getting stuck in their daily routines.



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