Xclusive-Audio Drum Bundle TrioDrum Bundle TRIO from hip hop drum kits manufacturer Xclusive-Audio bunches 3 of their highly acclaimed drum kits into one big package. The included drum kits are:

  1. Urban Heat Drum Kit
  2. Organic Drum Kit
  3. Survival Drum Kit

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Urban Heat Drum Kit

When I had a first listen of the Urban Heat Drum Kit, I was sitting in a train to visit a friend, working on my laptop with my Sennheiser HD-25 headphones. The volume was set to my normal production volume.

When opened the bass drums folder and clicked the first bass drum it…BAAAAMMMM…hit my ears like a thunder! So hard, I had to turn down the volume immediately.

All drums in this kit are super LOUD and super HARD. But they are also huge with a glossy multi platinum feel.

Apart from the amazing sound quality, it’s the kick drum section that stands out in the Urban Heat Drum Kit.More than 160 pounding bass drums with a huge bottom, broken down into 4 sub categories: Various Kicks, Long Kicks, Short Kicks and Booms.

The Vox section with its creatively processed shouts, grunts and moans, both male and female, is also worth pointing out.

Organic Drum Kit

The Organic Kit – just like its name suggests – comes with more organic sounds. Still hard and chest pounding, but way more gentle than the Urban Heat Kit.

Most of the sounds in the kit are derived from real drum and percussion instruments. All creatively layered and processed with an always ear teasing, rich sound and a lot of variety.

One strong point of Organic Drum Kit is the cymbals section. With most drum kits, even in otherwise great kits, I’m having a hard time to find good cymbals with a long decay, that don’t sound flat and harsh. Organic Kit comes with plenty of great cymbals, from hard crashes to gentle ride cymbals, all having that complex sound only real cymbals have. (This is why good cymbals are so expensive.)

Another point, that sets Organic Drum Kit apart from other kits, is its huge percussion section. 570 crisp and banging percussion sounds, sorted and labeled after instruments, including congas, tambourines, shakers, frame drums, goblet drums, various wooden percussions, even skin slaps and still some more.

The belly and booty shaking sexiness of Organic Drum Kit’s percussions and drums made me fall in love with that kit instantly.

Survival Drum Kit

With the Urban Heat Drum Kit and the Organic Kit you already have a huge variety of inspiring drum sounds in Drum Bundle TRIO.

Survival Drum Kit adds even more variety to this bundle by bridging the gap between the loud, hard and huge Urban Heat Drum Kit and the more natural and sexy sounding Organic Drum Kit.

The Survival Kit comes with all three, natural, synthetic and hybrid drums all creatively and processed and layered. Just like the name suggests this kit is more of an all-round kit, with a well balanced selection of kick drums, snares, hihats, percussions.

And Survival Drum Kit comes with the most expansive selection of claps in all three kits. 94 creative Survival claps in total.


Xclusive-Audio have done an awesome job with Drum Bundle TRIO. A whole lot of creativity, sound design skills and time must have been put into each of these kits.

Although Survival Kit already comes with a wide range of complex high quality drums and percussions, it’s the sound quality of Urban Heat and Organic Drum Kit that is simply stunning. It’s the big, fat, glossy sound of multi platinum productions with pounding low end, crisp mids and silky highs.

The 1500+ one shots contained in Drum Bundle TRIO are a beat makers dream come true and should keep your creativity and excitement fired up for some time to come.


  • Loud and hard hitting drums (esp. Urban Heat Drum Kit)
  • Great selection of pounding long and short bass drums (Urban Heat Drum Kit)
  • Great selection of booms
  • Sexy, booty shaking percussions (esp.  Organic Drum Kit)
  • Great cymbals (esp. Organic Drum Kit)
  • Huge, glossy “multi platinum” sound
  • Creative and complex layering and processing
  • Huge savings as opposed to buying the kits separately


  • None (I know it looks cheesy, but I simply couldn’t find any cons.)

Retail Price

  • $ 89.00 ($ 135.00 when bought separately)

Best Price

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