The Drum Broker Site SamplerThe Drum Broker is a collective of hip hop producers, beat makers and sound designers who have gained a good reputation for their vintage drum sample kits over the last couple of years. Their fine selection of artist kits by top beat makers like Sha Money XL, Illmind or Ski Beats to name only a few is steadily growing.

To enable the customer to experience their drum kits without buying them all, The Drum Broker have hand picked sounds from all of their products and bundled them in a new sample kit called “The Drum Broker Site Sampler”.

In this Drum Broker Site Sampler Review I’m going to reveal if it is worth the (very small) investment.

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A “Best Of” Sample Kit

The idea behind the Drum Broker Site Sampler is very simple. For the ridiculously low price of $ 2,99 the customer gets a sample kit containing more than 200 sounds from all available kits at The Drum Broker online shop.

What can you expect from a sample kit that is sold for the price of a burger?

What is included?

By the time of this writing the Drum Broker Site Sampler contains 222 sounds in 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit quality. As mentioned before it includes a selection of sounds from all kits available in the Drum Broker’s online shop.

The sounds are organized in 34 folders (by the time of this writing) named after each original product. That means for example the “Illmind – Blap Kit Vol. 1” folder contains sounds from that same kit.

This makes it easy to reproduce in which original kit a certain sound is included. Useful if you want more samples in that style and decide to purchase the whole kit.

The downside is that you don’t have the sounds organized as instruments, meaning when you are looking for a clap sample you have to go through all folders, instead of just one clap folder.

How Good are the Sounds?

So what kind of sounds do you get? Mostly drum samples, one shots as well as loops, but also a few instrument samples.

Sound wise you’ll find about everything in The Drum Broker Site Sampler, from funky, dirty, vintage with vinyl crackle as well as super polished in your face Timbaland style hip hop samples. There is lots of neighbor frightening low end in the kicks and a good amount of that spanking smack in the snares and claps.

A highlight of The Drum Broker Site Sampler are the two included samples from the Kingsway Music Library Vol. 1. These are short (1-2 minutes long) super soulful vintage instrumentals recorded with sample based hip hop producers in mind. These two samples alone can give you food for at least 10 beats. AND if purchased separately they cost $ 5,99 each, which means these two samples alone are 4 times more expensive than the whole Drum Broker Site Sampler!


There are two expressions that come into my mind when it comes to The Drum Broker Site Sampler: bargain and no brainer.

With the Drum Broker Site Sampler you get a versatile toolbox for your hip hop productions at an incredibly low price. All samples are state of the art, inspiring and have tons of vibe.

As a bonus the kit is updated on a regular basis, meaning you have an ever growing sample kit for the price of a coffee, burger or piece of pizza.

The Drum Broker Site Sampler is a total no brainer. If you want to upgrade your sound library (and that’s always a good idea), gain some new inspiration with the sounds from some of hip hop’s biggest producers you should definitely make the investment of $2,99.

Be creative, have fun and make some dope beats!



  • Very Versatile
  • Hip Hop Samples with Attitude
  • Sounds from Top Hip Hop Producers
  • Growing Sample Library through Updates
  • Bargain Price


  • Sounds aren’t sorted after instruments


  • $ 2.95 (!)

More Infos


Listen to some beats I made using only sounds from The Drum Broker Site Sampler:

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