Do you like to buy a cheap beat making software and are not sure if you should go for Sonic Producer or BTV Solo? I have tested and reviewed both and have a very clear opinion, regardless if you’re a total beat making newbie or if you already have some musical skills.

If you like read my BTV Solo review and my Sonic Producer review first.

Or if you don’t want to get too much in detail I’m going to reveal my personal preference right now:

Buy BTV Solo.

Why not Sonic Producer? Because BTV Solo has a lot more to offer for just a few bucks more.

BTV Solo Pros

BTV Solo in clip mode

BTV Solo in clip mode

  • BTV Solo comes with better sounds,
  • on board FX and sound shaping tools
  • It has sample import and
  • sample editing.
  • While the timing in Sonic Producer is quite sloppy, BTV Solo has a stable and tight timing.
  • You can connect a midi keyboard and
  • a professional sound card to BTV Solo.
  • And there’s an option to upgrade to the bigger version of BTV Solo (which is called BTV). It adds a VST and AU plugin as well as on board sampling.
  • With BTV Solo you can tap in your beats via your computer keyboard in case you don’t have a midi keyboard. With sonic producer you must use your mouse.

So what does Sonic Producer offer that BTV Solo doesn’t?

Sonic Producer Pros

Sonic Producer 2.0 User Interface

Sonic Producer 2.0

  • With Sonic Producer Beats can be programmed by dragging notes with the mouse. In BTV Solo you have to tap in all your beats and melodies (with your mouse, computer keyboard or midi keyboard.)
  • Sonic Producer is an online software while BTV Solo runs offline on the computer. The nice thing about online software is that you can work with it on any computer with a internet connection.

However I personally prefer offline software for music making purposes. I don’t want the performance of my beat making system be dependent on my internet connection.

And now?

If you are still not sure what to do I suggest that you give BTV Solo a try before you try Sonic Producer. Chances might be higher that you are and stay satisfied with your purchase. If you don’t get the hang of it you can still claim a complete refund within 60 days.

Of course you could also buy both beat making programs and test them side by side. But I don’t recommend that if you are beat making newbie. It’s more likely that you produce your first good results in little time when you keep focused on one software only. You will progress more slowly if you have to learn two tools at the same time. And you risk not to have a quick experience of excitement which is so vital when you start to learn making beats.

Try BTV Solo. Spend time with it. Make some beats. Play around with the FX and sound shaping tools. If you don’t like it, simply return it.

For more information on BTV Solo read my review or go to
For more information on Sonic Producer read my review or go to

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the contact form or leave a comment. I will reply asap.

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