A Million Ways To Break Vol. 1 by KICKSANDSNARES.COMA Million Ways To Break Vol. 1 is the kickoff to a vintage drum break compilation series published by sound design company KICKSANDSNARES.COM.

According to the KICKSANDSNARES.COM-website “the A Million Ways To Break series is the most useful and organized drum break compilation you can buy.”

Bold statement. But can the quality of the drum break compilation keep up with that statement?

In this A Million Ways To Break review I’m going to reveal the answer.

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What’s In The Kit?

A Million Ways To Break Vol. 1 consists of 25 drum breaks. These are broken down into 198 separate loops, so you can use them in your productions without further editing.

If you like editing your own loops A Million Ways To Break gets you covered, too. The original unedited breaks are also included.

The breaks and loops are all neatly organized and clearly labeled. The only thing that could be added to the labels is the tempo of the breaks.

Ok…I see that for vintage drums with slight tempo variations, it can be problematic to give an accurate bpm number for the whole break. But a rounded bpm number could be of great use as an orientation to how fast or slow a break is, without having to audition it first.

Other than that: clear and logical organization of the drum breaks. Thumbs up!

So let’s come to the most important point of any drum kit.


When I opened A Million Ways To Break Vol. 1 and skipped through the breaks for the first time, my adrenaline level went up and pumped the following words into my brain (drrrrrumrrrroll):

Damn! That shit is beyond dope!!!

(If you’ve read my other reviews, you know that I don’t get that excited that easily. It must be my love for vintage funk…)

There’s dirt, vinyl crackle, hiss and LOTS of vibe in there. The breaks range from straight to ill and cover tempos from as slow as 57 bpm to as fast as 146 bpm. The sound is rich, detailed and crisp. And you can hear that these drum breaks have been selected and processed with love, care and experience.

I could go on and describe A Million Ways To Break Vol. 1 with words, but you (hopefully) get a better impression by listening to the demos (at the bottom of this page).


A Million Ways To Break Vol. 1 comes with lots of pre edited loops taken out of each original break, so you can integrate them into your beats without any editing hassle. Of course you can edit the breaks like crazy, if you like (the original, uncut breaks are also included), but you don’t have to to get going.

More importantly these drum breaks are versatile in rhythm and tempo and have tons of character . With breaks like these you can raise the interest of listeners for your beats easily. Simply adding these breaks – or parts of them – can help your beats stick out of the beat crowd. You cannot achieve a sound like that by programming a beat with clean one shot samples.

If you like your drum sounds clean and balanced, A Million Ways To Break Vol. 1 is NOT what you’re looking for.

But if you like to charge your beats with vintage vibe laden dirt, and love those loose grooves of old hand played underground funk gems, you might be the right person for that drum breaks compilation.

Simply put: KICKSANDSNARES.COM have done a great job with that first volume of A Million Ways To Break.

Go to KICKSANDSNARES.COM so you can check out A Million Ways To Break for yourself.

Have fun and be creative!

P.S.: Don’t miss the video on A Million Ways To Break in which Jim Bond talks straight…but looks a bit strange…


  • The Sound! – Crisp And Crackling
  • Very Versatile
  • Covers A Wide Range Of Tempos And Rhythms
  • Drum Breaks With Loads Of Character
  • Almost 200 Pre Edited Drum Loops
  • Contains Original Unedited Breaks
  • Clearly Organized And Labeled


  • No Tempo Labels


  • $ 20.00

More Infos

For the demos I used drum breaks from A Million Ways To Break Vol. 1 and sounds from several other sample packs.


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