In the Reviews section at I’d like to help you find your way through the jungle of thousands of music tools available in the industry. Everyday a new hardware, software or sample kit appears on the market and it is easy to get confused by the vast amount of available choices.

One secret to not being distracted by the many new shiny objects that appear every day is to stick with what you already have and get the most out of it before you download the next “game changing” toy.

But from time to time we want to try something new, like to upgrade our studio or have to replace a piece of hardware. Having some kind of preselection in those situations can save us an enormous amount of time and effort for research. In the “old times” you went to your local dealer and trusted his or her recommendation. Now that everything is available anywhere in the world it’s good to have qualified judgement and preselection from someone you trust.

Of course a review is never 100% objective as the reviewer is always influenced by his own preferences and tastes. The reviews on will make no exception to that rule. But at least I will try to be as objective as I can and let you know when my personal preferences come into play.

One thing I promise you is that I will never tell you that some low budget beginner beat making software is as good as a full blown professional DAW or that it can even replace a full high end studio.
These claims you can find in a lot of so called reviews are nothing but pure b.s. from people trying to make a quick sale.

Don’t get me wrong: There’s nothing wrong with low budget beat making software. These programs can even be very helpful as they can give you an easy start into computer based music production. But it’s more than likely that you move on to more sophisticated software as you get better and wish to have more control over your production.

If you have made experiences with one of the reviewed items please feel free to share them in the comments section. Also if you like a certain product to be reviewed just drop me a line in the comments section or contact me via the contact form. I will be more than happy to review products you are interested in.

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