Limited Edition Kits by !llmindJust a quick note that may be of importance if you are looking for hip hop drum kits that not every other beat maker owns – or if you are a raving fan of!llmind’s trademark blap sound.

All eight limited edition drum kits by !llmind are on sale for only 24 hours at The Drum Broker. The sale ends at 8PM EST tonight (friday, May 16th).

Drums For The Big Boys

The kits include sounds !llmind used on productions for

808s Only A Few Beat Makers Own

If you are a collector of 808s

Vintage Synth Vibe

You can add LOTS of vintage synth vibe to your productions with

Scream & Shout

Never seen or heard something like

These Are The Breaks

Big, fat breaks on

Not The Usual Collection Of Trap Sounds

Sounds from !llmind’s #BoomTrap EP on

Only For The Fast

If you missed any of those and hated yourself for not being quick enough, now is your chance to fall in love with yourself again simply by indulging yourself in some or all of !llminds Limited Edition Blap Kits. (My English teacher would say “Pretty dramatic…but a slight overuse of the word “yourself”!)

It’s always good to have some kits in your arsenal that not every other beat maker owns. Get yourself some of !llminds Limited Edition Kits so you can set yourself apart from the crowd.

Don’t sleep on that opportunity. Act quick before the doors close. And of course don’t tell anyone;-)

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P.P.S.: Click here to see if !llmind’s Limited Edition Blap Kits are still available.

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