Free Music Marketing Ebook by Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers, the founder of CD Baby made his music marketing ebook called “How to Call Attention to Your Music”available for free.

This book is a must read if you are serious about your music career, regardless what kind of music you are into.

The Fundamentals of  Your Music Career

Derek Sivers’ book covers fundamentals of getting noticed, raising interest and being remembered as opposed to being just one of the many faceless acts that just do what all the others do.

Some of the cornerstones that are discussed in “How to Call Attention to Your Music” are:

  • How to think of everything from the point of view of those you aim to reach.
  • How to stick out of the crowd by presenting yourself differently.
  • How to use the power of networking by knowing 100s of people and treating them like friends.
  • How a mentality of giving can help you reach your goals of getting more fans and selling more music.
  • How to be as creative with your marketing as with your music.
  • Why you should do something that you are scared of every day.

Get Ready for Your New Mindset

Although this ebook was written in 2006 it hasn’t lost any value over the years. Because the book is not about technical tricks or the latest gimmicks but all about timeless fundamental stuff and shifting of the reader’s mindset. This book could totally change the way you approach your promotional efforts and even how you create your music!

Thanks Derek!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Derek Sivers for sharing his book for free!

Download “How to Call Attention to Your Music” by Derek Sivers by clicking HERE.


If you want to shift your mindset you must read the book. If you want to shift your music career you must implement what Derek teaches!

So it’s two steps: Reading and Implementing.

Mmmhhh….and downloading as a first step…so it’s three steps…

Well, ok. First step:  —>Download<—

Have fun and amaze at least one person today! (For example by sharing this post with your fellow musicians;-)

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