When it comes to free hip hop drum kits there often is a problem: Most free hip hop drum kits are of low quality and most good hip hop drum kits aren’t for free. BUT there are SOME great free kits which I highly recommend you add to your sound arsenal.

More than 700 Free Samples by Xclusive-Audio

Free Hip Hop Dum Kit by Xclusive-Audio

Let’s start with Xclusive-Audio. These guys provide us with 4 free drum kits, 3 hip hop drum kits and an EDM Kit. A lot of the EDM sounds are also suitable for at least some hip hop styles. So don’t skip these!

The four free Xclusive-Audio kits contain a total of 760+(!) drum and FX samples plus some drum loops. You will have to enter your email adress (at the bottom of their free kits page) to download the free drum kits.

—> Go to Xclusive-Audio’s website to download their 4 free drum kits.

One More Free Drum Kit by Xclusive-Audio

Free Hip Hop Drum Kit by the Sound Pack FlyerA great resource for heavily discounted hip hop drum kits by industry big names such as Sounds in HD and Xclusive-Audio is the Sound Pack Flyer. (You should bookmark that one for future reference.)

If you subscribe for the Sound Pack Flyer’s free newsletter you get another free drum sample kit by Xclusive-Audio containing more than 110 high quality samples.

—> Head over to the Sound Pack Flyer to receive 110+ free drum samples by Xclusive-Audio.

And Still More Free Drum Sounds by Xclusive-Audio

Free Hip Hop Drum Kit at The Producers ChoiceAnother free must have kit is provided by The Producers Choice. 63MB of inspiring high quality sounds that will make your creative juices flow. The sounds from that free kit are taken from Xclusive-Audio’s Survival Kit and Urban Heat.

39 kicks, 28 snares, 28 claps and 91 more one shots are yours in exchange for your email adress.


—> Head over to The Producers Choice and claim your free drum kit.

Sonic Specialists – Chart Proven Drum Samples

Free Hip Hop Drum Kit by Sonic SpecialistsSonic Specialists have a pretty famous reference list and it’s very likely you have heard their sounds in the radio. The prices for their kits are pretty exclusive but fortunately they provide us with a free kit containing more than 250+ bangin drum sounds taken from all of their drum packages.

Again, all you have to do to claim your free kit is entering your email adress.


—> Claim your free Sonic Specialists drum kit.

Free Hip Hop Drum Kits Delivered to Your Inbox by Sounds in HD

One Free Hip Hop Drum Kit Every Month by Sounds in HDWouldn’t it be cool to have bangin free hip hop samples delivered directly to your inbox on a regular basis? And wouldn’t it be even cooler if those kits were produced by one of the leading hip hop samples companies out there?

If you answered both questions with YES, you should subscribe to Sounds in HD‘s newsletter.¬†Subscribers get a free high quality kit once a month. If you haven’t already subscribed I highly recommend you do.

—> Subscribe to the Sounds in HD newsletter to have free hip hop drum kits delivered to your inbox.

Analog Madness by Goldbaby

Free Hip Hop Drum Kits by GoldbabyIf you are after the warmth and grit of drum machine classics that shaped the sound of hip hop, like the Akai MPC60, the Roland TR-808 or the E-MU SP1200, award winning sound designer Goldbaby is your man. This guy has provided companies like Native Instruments, FXpansion and BKE with his sounds and has been in the drum samples game for more than ten years.

Besides numerous BIG premium sample packs with an incredible price performance ratio, Goldbaby offers more than 20 free sample kits. Although these aren’t “pure” hip hop drum kits you should defenitely add them to your arsenal. You can never have enough of beautifully crafted classic drum machine sounds to add vintage warmth to your productions.

—> Head over to Goldbaby and add vintage warmth and grit to your sound arsenal.

The Drum Broker’s Almost Free Kit

The Drum Broker's Almost Free Hip Hop Drum KitA great hip hop drum kit that is so dirt cheap ¬†($ 2,99!) I decided to mention it in this post, comes from The Drum Broker and it’s called The Drum Broker Site Sampler. (I wrote a review of that one.)

It features 400+ sounds from all of The Drum Broker’s sample kits including sounds by !llmind, Ski Beatz, Sha Money XL, Mike Chav and many more. Very versatile and highly inspiring stuff.

—> Check out my review for more infos or go to The Drum Broker¬†directly.

With these free hip hop drum kits (and the almost free kit) on your hard drive you should be equipped with inspiring drum sounds for the next beat making weeks to come. Don’t forget to share this article with your beat making community to help them getting better at their production game. They will thankfully return the favor.

Do you know other resources for free hip hop drum kits? Share your knowledge. Leave a comment.

Ill-Behaved Drummz - FREE Drum Kit

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  1. Ben says:

    I would also recommend the Business Drum Kit from http://theproducerstore.com/,
    Its a free Drum Kit too
    Cyrth Beats

    • Marc K. says:

      Hey Ben, thanks for the link. Good kit.
      I’ll be posting some more good free drum kits soon and include this one.

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