Sounds In HD High Impact 1 2 3 BundleIt’s time again to gain some inspiration from some new hip hop drum kits by one of THE brands in the industry.

At Sounds In HD you can get a bangin 40% discount on all kits during this weekend (through monday July 14th) in honor to the world cup finale. On top of that you’ll automatically get another 30% off (!) when you have 3 or more items in you cart.

In numbers that means you can grab

  • Attack of the 808’s Episode II for $14.70 instead of $35.00
  • High Impact 1, 2, 3 Bundle for $25.20 instead of $59.99
  • The brand new Pyrex Drums for $10.50 instead of $25.00
  • 808 Drums by Sounds In HD (a true classic) for $18.90 instead of $45.00
  • Retrosonic – Attack of the Tape for $12.60 instead of $30.00

when you buy 3 or more items. When you buy only one or two items you’ll still get a whopping 40% off, but not the additional 30%.

This is a huge opportunity to save big while fueling your beats with fresh sounds. A no brainer to take advantage of that deal!

Go to Sounds In HD now and take advantage of HUGE savings while fueling your beats with fresh sounds by one of the best companies for hip hop drum kits!

Have a great world cup finale weekend!

P.S.: I’m excited like a three year old at Christmas because of the German team playing in the final today. Hoping the German team is going to take advantage of their opportunity to win the world cup for the 4th time! 🙂 (I know this has nothing to do with the deal but as you might already know I’m German and I just wanted to share my excitement;-))

P.S.S.: Take advantage of your opportunity to save 40% plus an additional 30% on all drum kits and bundles at Souns In HD. You better act now as this offer is viable only through monday July, 14th.

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